Child portrait

Dennis Keyes began shooting film in Vietnam in 1969. He made the switch to digital in 2000 and never turned back. His abilities in portrait, fashion, and architectural photography emerged as he mastered the associated software. In addition to print and electronic media, he has produced many custom renderings of portraits, landscapes and architecture as watercolors and acrylics on canvas and often produces purpose built frames which reinforce and extend his portrait's resonance. Some of his recent architectural work has been featured in the duPont Registry - Gallery of Fine Homes.

Dennis Keyes has a way of photographing children that is deceptively simple. He eschews the latest fashions and concentrates on capturing an image that transcends time and fashion. He is able to establish a rapport with even the youngest child that translates seamlessly into a relaxed and representative image of the sitter. His earliest portraits were of his own child and gradually, over the years, even though he is a consummate master of architectural and landscape photography, it has become apparent that many of his most remarkable images are of children.